Venue Hire

Redgrave Theatre

From the foyer bar two staircases lead up and into the theatre space - A traditional proscenium arch theatre with a tiered auditorium offering exceptional sightlines from all 315 seats. The Stage is approximately 9 metres square with 1 metre of wing space on each side. Backstage are two sizable dressing rooms and a large green room/makeup room. Beneath the stage is a sizable storage area and orchestra pit.

The Theatre offers a flexible approach to programming - welcoming a wide variety of corporate, community and professional productions - for this reason the seasons quickly become booked up so it is always best to contact the theatre well in advance.

Hire rates vary depending on a variety of requirements - such as number of days, amount of technical support, amount of marketing support etc. We also offer discounts on the standard hire rates if the events are raising money for charity. Please contact us to discuss the possibility of booking the theatre. 

Typically we are programmed 6-8 months in advance but do on occasion have single days and cancellations. 


Make enquiries to:

Sue Ellicott - Theatre Manager

0117 315 7604

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