Code of Conduct

Redgrave Theatre Code of Conduct
Expected Standards of Behaviour



The Redgrave Theatre is committed to fostering a vibrant, creative, and inclusive environment for all audience, visitors and staff. Our goal is to deliver outstanding theatrical experiences through top quality performances while maintaining a safe and respectful atmosphere.


This Code of Conduct aims to ensure a respectful and safe environment for everyone at the Redgrave Theatre.

Rights of Visiting Companies, Audience, and Staff

All individuals involved with the Redgrave Theatre have the right to:

- Be treated with respect and courtesy, irrespective of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, ability or other identities.

- Be spoken to politely and have their viewpoints listened to and considered.

- Feel safe, with special emphasis on the safety of children and vulnerable adults.

- Have their privacy respected.

- Expect to be free from harassment, intimidation, or discrimination on any grounds.

- Speak out against inappropriate behaviour, including bullying, harassment, or intimidation, and have their complaints taken seriously and investigated appropriately.

Conduct and Expectations of Audience and Visitors

All audience are expected to:

- Treat others with fairness, courtesy, and sensitivity.

- Express their viewpoints without being aggressive or overbearing.

- Consider others' perspectives and respect their viewpoints, irrespective of past experience and relationship with the venue.

- Work collaboratively to resolve disagreements.

- Ensure their behaviour does not negatively reflect on the Redgrave Theatre's reputation.

- Avoid harassing, intimidating, or pressuring others to discriminate. 

Note to visiting companies: Casting for specific characteristics (e.g., race, age, sex) may be necessary and is not deemed discriminatory when in line with the Equality Act 2010.

- Should any audience or visitor feel harassed in any way or observe any harassment of patrons or staff by any other guest or staff, the observer is encouraged to inform the Duty Manager immediately. The informant’s anonymity will be respected at all times, unless waived by the informant or if we are required to pass details to a responsible authority.

- Harassment includes offensive verbal or written comments related to profession, gender, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, religion, deliberate intimidation, stalking, following, harassing photography or recording, inappropriate physical contact, sexual activity and unwelcome sexual attention.

- We do not tolerate disruptive behaviour including repeated interruption, inebriation (or similar intoxication) and open aggression.

- Patrons asked to stop any inappropriate or disruptive behaviour are expected to comply immediately.

Admissions Policy

General Rules

1. Intoxicated, disruptive, abusive, or violent behaviour will result in ejection without a refund. If deemed necessary, the police will be called to escort off the premises.  

2. Alcohol service will be denied to intoxicated individuals.

3. Compliance with theatre management and staff instructions is mandatory.

4. Electronic devices must be disabled in the auditorium.

5. Unauthorised recording is prohibited and may result in ejection.

6. The theatre is not responsible for personal property loss or damage.

7. Smoking and vaping are prohibited inside the venue. 

8. Complaints during a performance should be made promptly to the Duty Manager.

9. Performances may be filmed or recorded by the visiting company; audience must be made aware of this.

10. Animals are not permitted, except for assistance dogs. If the animal is part of the show they need to arrange this with the theatre prior to the performance and follow Clifton College’s Dogs on Site policy. 

11. Audience will be warned if strobe lighting is used.

12. The theatre reserves the right to amend the Admissions Policy for specific events.We kindly ask that, when exiting our premises, audience and visitors do so in a manner respectful to our neighbours.

13. During ticketed performances glassware and china cannot be brought into the auditorium. Plastic biodegradable drinkware is available at the bar.

14. In accordance with our licence, all alcohol consumed in the venue must be purchased on site. Management will remove any alcohol brought in externally and will dispose of it.  

Entry and Security

1. The Redgrave Theatre reserves the right to refuse admission for health, safety, or licensing reasons or if a ticket is void.

2. CCTV is operational for crime prevention and public safety.

3. Security searches are mandatory for entry to ensure safety.

4. Illegal or dangerous items are not permitted.

5. Outside food and drink are not allowed, except for empty reusable water bottles.

6. Specific medical requirements should be communicate d to theatre management.

7. Latecomers will be admitted at suitable breaks, but admission is not guaranteed, and no refunds or exchanges will be given.

8. Re-entry is at the discretion of theatre management.

9. Large bags or suitcases may be denied entry. NB.There are no cloakroom facilities at the Redgrave Theatre. Patrons can leave buggies and large bags with our Front of House staff at their own risk during a performance.

Age Restrictions

1. All under 18s must be accompanied by an adult and supervised at all times, they are not allowed to sit alone during a performance at any given time. 

2. Single seat bookings for children are not permitted, any breach of these terms may result in the entire party being asked to leave.

3. Children under 24 months do not require a ticket, unless specified by an individual show, but must be held on a person's lap or in their arms comfortably throughout the performance. 

4. Children over 24 months require a purchased ticket. 

5. Disruptive children may be asked to leave.

6. It is the responsibility of the audience to ensure that they are booking shows appropriate for their party. Age guidance is listed on each event page. 

Ticket Terms and Conditions 

1. Tickets are sold to you by the Production Company. The Redgrave Theatre (a trading name of Clifton College Services Limited) as an agent.

2. Programme for the event is subject to change without prior notice.

3.  All ticket prices are final at the time of purchase. Ticket prices are subject to change in the lead up to a production or performance if a promotion is added during the on sale period. Part refunds and/or theatre credit can not be given as compensation. 

4. Audience are not entitled to free tickets, complimentary drinks, snacks or merchandise unless they have written proof from theatre management prior to a performance.

5. The Redgrave Theatre will exchange tickets where possible for a fee, but only for a showing of the same performance within the run. We are not able to refund or credit tickets except for the unlikely occurrence of an event being cancelled. When this is the case the refunded amount will be for the face value of the ticket only. 

6. You may be refused admission or required to leave if you behave outside the code of conduct. 

7. The Redgrave Theatre accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to personal property.

8. The unauthorised use of cameras, sound or film recording equipment is strictly forbidden.

9. For shows with allocated seating, the management reserves the right to reallocate seats to the ticket holder. Where this happens, the Box Office will try to inform customers of the change prior to the event taking place.

10. Latecomers may not be admitted until there is a suitable break in the performance and may be seated elsewhere.

Managing Unacceptable Behaviour

Purpose This policy ensures a consistent and fair approach to managing unacceptable behaviour, protecting staff from abuse and harm.


- Employees will provide a fair, open, and accessible service, listen and understand, and treat everyone with respect and dignity.

- Visitors are expected to be courteous and engage without hindering our work.

Unacceptable Behaviour Definition Unacceptable behaviour includes any acts, words, or gestures that cause distress or discomfort.

Examples of Aggressive or Abusive Behaviour

- Insulting or degrading language.

- Physical violence or threats.

- Derogatory remarks.

- Discrimination based on personal characteristics.

Unreasonable Demands and Vexatious Complaints

- Excessive information requests or service expectations.

- Persistent complaints after procedures have been exhausted.

Response to Unacceptable Behaviour

- Employees have the right to end calls and conversations or not reply to abusive correspondence.

- Audience and visitors will be warned and asked to modify their behaviour before action is taken.

- Serious cases may involve contacting the police.

Communication Restrictions

- Communication may be limited if unacceptable behaviour persists.

- Restrictions could include written communication only, specific contact individuals, or blocking from social media.

Review and Adjustments

- Decisions to restrict communication will be regularly reviewed.

- Adjustments will be made for individuals with protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010.

Procedures for Reporting and Investigating Complaints

The Management Team's Role The Management Team (Theatre Manager, Theatre Coordinator, Front of House Manager, Box Office Manager, Technical Managers, Onsite Duty Managers and Onsite Duty Technicians) will investigate complaints and work to resolve issues. They reserve the right to remove visitors from public-facing tasks or revoke membership for significant breaches of conduct.

Informal Resolution

- Attempt to resolve minor issues informally by discussing them directly with the individual involved.

- Explain the behaviour and its impact, and agree on acceptable future behaviour.

Formal Resolution

- If informal resolution is unsuccessful or the matter is serious, the matter can be escalated to the Redgrave Theatre Manager. 

Investigation Process

- The Theatre Manager or a designated member of the Management Team will investigate the complaint confidentially.

- The investigator will speak with the complainant, the accused, and any witnesses.

- Anonymity will be maintained if requested, but it may limit the investigation's scope.

- The investigator will report findings and recommend actions.


- Setting clear behavioural standards for resolution.

- More serious or repeated breaches may result in:

     - Being banned from the venue

     - Closed  online account to prevent booking future performances

     - Removal from public-facing duties (staff)

- Visitors will have the opportunity to present their case to the Management Team before a final decision is made.

This Code of Conduct aims to ensure a respectful and safe environment for everyone at the Redgrave Theatre. For any questions or further information, please contact the Redgrave Management Team or Clifton College.

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