Butler, Blake and Grant

11th March 2023

Price: £28.75


NORMAN BLAKE, BERNARD BUTLER AND JAMES GRANT are three of the most renowned and respected musicians in Britain. Norman; the centrifugal force in TEENAGE FANCLUB; Bernard, renowned for his songwriting with several artists and most recently for his mercury nominated album “For All our Days That Tear The Heart” and James equally well known for his solo work as with LOVE AND MONEY. They perform a selection of each other’s songs - and it’s an errant joy; each musician fronting one of their own songs in turn, with simpatico input from their co-players. There’s a natural camaraderie and beautifully crafted tunes, filled with melody, harmony and impeccable guitar chops.

16+ (Under 18 to be accompanied by adults)

Doors open at 7.30pm. Show starts at 8pm.


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