Flesh / Twelfth Night

13th February 2019 - 15th February 2019

Price: £12.00

Concession: £8

boomsatsuma's Professional Acting Diploma course presents a double bill performance of William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night by the final year students and Flesh, the new play by Rob Drummond, by the first years, as part of the National Theatre Connections Festival. The plays are suitable for children aged 12+ 



A bunch of teenagers wake up in the middle of the forest with no memory of how they got there or even… Who they are. All they know if half of them are wearing red and the other green. Night is upon them, how will they gather food, water, shelter? Leaders arise. Division strikes. Can they get on long enough to make decisions that are good for all? Time passes, will these young people have the skills, the knowhow or at least the sheer will to survive?

In a story that captures all that it is to be human, flesh takes us to the depths of our strengths. As part of the national theatre’s connections festival, Boomsatsuma is proud to present this new world premiere by Rob Drummond.


Twelfth Night

The sunny 50s seaside town of Illyria is about to be turned on its head with the arrival of the shipwrecked Viola. William Shakespeare’s hilarious and heart-breaking comedy of mistaken identity, cross-dressing and the stupidity of love is spectacularly re-imagined by a gender-reversed cast, where all the male parts are played by women, all the female parts by men, and nothing and no-one is quite what they first seem.

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