The Last Days of Judas Iscariot

11th September 2018 - 13th September 2018

Price: £10.00

Concession: £8.50

Set in a courtroom in the backstreets of downtown Purgatory, The Last Days of Judas Iscariot is a hilarious, riotous drama where feisty Defence Attorney Fabiana Cunningham pits hers wits against Prosecution Counsel Yousef El Fayoumi as she launches an appeal on behalf of Judas Iscariot against his sentence of eternal damnation.


OK, so Judas betrayed his friend Jesus of Nazareth to be executed by the Romans. Bad juju.  But he then fell into despair and hung himself from an olive tree before being sent to the depths of Hell for all eternity. Was that fair?  Or was that God’s plan all along? Could Jesus have saved himself AND Judas?  Or was Pontius Pilate to blame? Calling witnesses as diverse as Satan, Mother Theresa and Sigmund Freud, this side splitting, irreverent trial will make the audience belly laugh as they reconsider what they thought they knew about forgiveness, faith and the man who became the most infamous traitor in history. At the end, the audience will vote for who THEY think was ultimately responsible for the death of The Messiah. You ready to decide on the Truth?        

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