How laughter does you good!
By: Becky Walsh

How laughter does you good!

We have had some fantastic comedians coming through the Redgrave theatres door and in the next few months we have many more: Danny Baker, Ruby Wax, Rob Beckett, Lee Hurst to name a few, but did you know that laughter does you good?


Laughter increases immune cells and decreases stress hormones, improving your resistance to disease. Laughter releases the body's natural feel-good chemicals and endorphins which gives you a sense of wellbeing and can even act as a temporarily pain reliever. Ruby Wax with her show Frazzled! A guide to mindfulness we are sure would approve.


No wonder tickets for these shows sell out fast!


Stand-up comedy started in the music halls in the 18th and 19th centuries, but due to the rise of television and radio the music halls started to die out and in the 1970’s working men’s clubs started what’s now known as the comedy circuit. Perhaps these roots are why still to this day we have a lack of female comedians.

The 1980’s saw the rise back to the lives shows and to what we currently known as stand-up which came from the 'alternative' comedy revolution. Often political, observational comedy gives us a chance to reflect on our society in a fun and perhaps even healing way. We are proud at the Redgrave to be able to present to you plenty of opportunity to split your sides and cultivate your laughter lines… which doesn’t sound like so much fun after all!!! ;) 

 Becky Walsh - Life change catalyst, author, radio and TV presenter

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