Bristol city council Pink Card
By: Becky Walsh Tags: John Updike, Musicals, University Of West England

Bristol city council Pink Card

Because you care, we care!


Have you heard of ‘The pink card’? No, it’s not the card you send the day after Valentine ’s Day; when you’re pink in the face because you forgot the flowers and chocolates!


It’s a very special card you get from Bristol city council, commonly used by parents/carers as proof of disability of a child in their care. We all know disability isn’t always obvious, the card helps with that and you can receive discounts and reductions at local attractions. 


Here at the Redgrave theatre, we allow carers of disabled children to come to our shows for FREE when supporting the named child on the card.


If you want to know if your family can qualify for the card have a look at Bristol city council’s website


And please remember to spread the word to anyone you know, who would like to bring their child to come and see our show. 

Because you care, we care!




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