The Room comes to The Redgrave
By: Nick

The Room comes to The Redgrave

The Room, a cult classic for any 'bad' film lover. The premise behind “The Citizen Kane of bad films” is a simple one. It is the story of a banker named Johnny (Tommy Wiseau) who suspects that his fiancée Lisa may be sleeping with his best friend Mark.

However, surrounding this simple love triangle are various subplots that are introduced and then either ignored or not resolved (such as the fact Lisa’s mother is suffering from cancer), rooftop screens are done with awful green-screen effects, scenes are frequently out of focus and then there are the two awkwardly long and incredibly unerotic sex scenes (the latter of which simply reuses footage from the first).

The cult film, which is the result of Tommy Wiseau’s vision (as well as playing the lead, he wrote, directed and financed the movie), is a perfect storm of badness. 

On the 12th of February Bristol Bad Film Club brought this masterpiece (or disasterpiece!) to a fully booked Redgrave theatre for a second year with all profits going to Calais Refugee Solidarity Bristol

With a big budget Hollywood film being released later this year about The Room, more fans are ready to join the army of loyal followers that have made this film the phenomenon it is. 

They also throw alot of plastic spoons at the screen... yes, it's a thing.

Look forward to another screening of this and other great 'bad' movies here at the Redgrave. 

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