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  • How light and colour affect mood in theatre

    Lighting is an integral part of theatrical performance. Not just so you can see what is happening on stage; light and colour also change the mood of the scene and the emotions of the audience. Colours in the spectrum of red, orange and yellow are known as warm. Those colours remind us of summer and give us a happy warm glowing feeling. Colours in...

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  • Pantomime season at the Redgrave
    Posted By: Nick Tags: Bristol , 2015 , A Donkey's Tale Pantomime season at the Redgrave
    08 Nov 2015

    Pantomime season is upon us again and we have a variety of shows for you this festive season...    First up is Bristol Old Vic Theatre Schools 'Wind in the Willows' from the 27th of November to the 17th of December...                    Click...

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