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  • Bristol city council Pink Card
    Posted By: Becky Walsh Tags: John Updike , Musicals , University of West England Bristol city council Pink Card
    24 May 2017

    Because you care, we care!   Have you heard of ‘The pink card’? No, it’s not the card you send the day after Valentine ’s Day; when you’re pink in the face because you forgot the flowers and chocolates!   It’s a very special card you get from Bristol city council, commonly used by parents/carers...

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  • How light and colour affect mood in theatre

    Lighting is an integral part of theatrical performance. Not just so you can see what is happening on stage; light and colour also change the mood of the scene and the emotions of the audience. Colours in the spectrum of red, orange and yellow are known as warm. Those colours remind us of summer and give us a happy warm glowing feeling. Colours in...

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  • The Redgrave @ 50 - Sir Michael Redgrave

    Next month we celebrate the theatres 50th anniversary, here we will share some of the history of our namesake Sir Micheal Redgrave.  Sir Michael attended Clifton College (who own the The Redgrave Theatre) from 1922 to 1926 where he excelled in his academic studies and got his first experience in drama performing in school productions. This...

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  • Summer Holidays @ The Redgrave
    Posted By: Nick Tags: Pantomime , A Donkey's Tale , BOVTS Summer Holidays @ The Redgrave
    13 Apr 2016

    We have a selection of quality family events to keep the kids enetertained all Summer long here at the Redgrave.    Tuesday 19th to Thursday 21st July Oliver Twist 'It's 2016. Same story, different time. This brand new version of the classic tale of the orphan boy Oliver, has been adapted from the original text by Charles...

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  • Coming to The Redgrave Theatre... The Enid
    Posted By: Nick Coming to The Redgrave Theatre... The Enid
    17 Mar 2016

    One of Britains best loved prog bands, The Enid come to The Redgrave Theatre for a very special show including tracks from their latest album ‘Dust’, the third and final chapter of their trilogy started in 2010 with ‘Journey’s End’ and followed by ‘Invicta’ in 2012. ‘Dust’, The Enid’s...

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  • The Room comes to The Redgrave
    Posted By: Nick The Room comes to The Redgrave
    18 Feb 2016

    The Room, a cult classic for any 'bad' film lover. The premise behind “The Citizen Kane of bad films” is a simple one. It is the story of a banker named Johnny (Tommy Wiseau) who suspects that his fiancée Lisa may be sleeping with his best friend Mark. However, surrounding this simple love triangle...

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  • Pantomime season at the Redgrave
    Posted By: Nick Tags: Bristol , 2015 , A Donkey's Tale Pantomime season at the Redgrave
    08 Nov 2015

    Pantomime season is upon us again and we have a variety of shows for you this festive season...    First up is Bristol Old Vic Theatre Schools 'Wind in the Willows' from the 27th of November to the 17th of December...                    Click...

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  • The Redgrave Theatre finalist for Green Capital Award

    After winning Silver in the Bristol Fairtrade Business Awards 2015 the Redgrave Theatre is now into the final for Green Leisure and Tourism at the Bristol European Green Capital Awards.    Also nominated in our Green Leisure and tourism category is  The Create Centre - A vibrant environment centre which...

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  • Shakespeare's Globe comes to the Redgrave Theatre

    A scheme offering teachers training in Shakespeare has been launched by Shakespeare's Globe in collaboration with the Redgrave Theatre and Clifton College in Bristol. The programme has been created for teachers across the west of England and south Wales and will take the form of five separate day courses, each focusing on a different aspect...

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