Alice in Wonderland

3rd October 2017 - 5th October 2017

Price: £12.00

Concession: £10

Alice is bored. Sitting on the riverbank with her sister who has her head stuck in a book. Again.

Nothing exciting ever happens to Alice. Ever.

That is, until a sarcastic and frenetic White Rabbit appears with a waistcoat and a pocket watch, obsessing over how late he is.

 I mean - have you seen a rabbit with a watch before? Alice hasn’t!

Then, he rudely disappears down a rabbit hole…

 Should Alice stay on the riverbank, bored out of her mind? Or follow him down into a utopia of madness - with grinning cats, chaotic twins, mad tea parties and a crazy queen after some tarts?

Boredom loses. Curiosity wins.

Welcome to Wonderland.


Performed by a cast of over 40 actors from ITV WEST Television Workshop, this is a Steam-punk look at the madcap, fast-paced ridiculous journey of Alice through the world of Wonderland!

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